How I made my PR Boxes

As a small business, I have to manage a budget while trying to execute on my ideas. This truly calls for my creative side to leverage more cost-effective ideas that still bring the beauty of my business to life. For my PR boxes, they actually turned out a bit different than my original ideas. I really wanted nude packages, that said something on brand and in tune with the "nude" collection on each box. After checking out the prices for the boxes, and every other wild idea I had, I really had to go back to the drawing board and find another solution. I had finally settled on what I thought was a genius idea, and then the small business that was supposed to create some of the pieces for me, had contracted COVD-19. So, yes, back to the drawing board again! Lol. I'm sharing all this to just share my journey with you, it hasn't been easy but I'm excited I finally finished them! 

I ended up using the following to create these beautiful handcrafted PR boxes:

  • Black boxes
  • Silk Pillowcases
  • Silk Ribbon (shoutout to youtube for teaching me how to tie a bow properly)
  • Silk rose petals
  • Thank you Cards
  • Custom logo stamp

Take a look at the completed boxes:


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